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Canadian Pharmacy has a broad e-catalog that encompasses pharmacy and prescription-only medicines, as well as medications from every major category on the General Sales List, ranging from antibiotic and antiviral drugs to anesthetics, sleeping pills, asthma medications and drugs for men’s health to name a few. Several of our products come straight from the manufacturer, and those that don’t are sourced only from authorized suppliers. All drugs from us are certified, genuine and 100% quality guaranteed, with every batch individually tested before reflecting in our inventory.

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Do Canadian Generic Meds Offer the Same Quality as Meds in the United States?

Canada has exceptionally high manufacturing requirements for pharmaceuticals with high standards and a rigorous approval system. Many of the drugs sold in Canada are the same as those sold in the United States. Others are manufactured in Canada or in other countries, and are the version sold in Canada. In fact, some drugs may even have different names or look different than the ones you may be familiar with in the United States. For example, in Canada, the U.S. drug “Levitra” is called “Vardenafil” and is a pill form rather than a capsule, even though it is the same drug manufactured by the same pharmaceutical company.

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Why are Canadian Pharmacies highly sought after in other countries?

Courtesy of a controlled system of Government that keeps drug prices at an exceptionally low limit and ascertains that these prices don’t rise above the circumscribed limit, Canadians can purchase medical items for a far lesser amount than the orthodox pricing methods in the United States and other big Pharma countries.

In addition, the quality controls are just as thorough and inflexible as in the US, while simultaneously evading cost-incurring and profit-seeking schemes usually employed by renowned pharmaceutical companies in the United States and numerous other countries around the world. 

The Best prices you can find at online drugstores

According to statistics, everyone in two Americans has taken prescription drugs in the last month. Over-the-counter medication like cold remedies, painkillers and laxatives are taken even more frequently to keep common ailments at bay while ensuring a healthy, hitch-free day. The main problem stems from the price hike on even the most commonplace medications, preventing most people from buying essential drugs to maintain a healthy daily lifestyle.

Canadian Pharmacy Drug has a cumulative catalog of over 1200 drugs acquired by liaising directly with manufacturers, building partnerships with the right companies, and putting efforts towards ensuring unbeatable pharmaceutical discounts and the best deals you can find on the market. 

By choosing Canadian Pharmacy Drug as your online pharmacy supplier, you’re choosing effective, tested and trusted medications at a lower cost of up to half the price or more.