Bactrim Generic (Sulfamethoxazole)

Generic Bactrim
Generic Bactrim: A powerful fusion of two antibiotics – sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim, working together to halt bacterial infections in their tracks. This dynamic duo targets a broad range of diseases by impeding the growth of the bacteria responsible. With its versatile approach, Bactrim effectively combats not only ear infections and bronchitis, but also turns the tide against diarrhea. Truly, a multipurpose medical ally.
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The doctor prescribes medicine for treatment when there is:

  • Urinary tract infection;
  • Ear infections;
  • Bronchitis or;
  • Diarrhea.

Every disease listed above is caused by bacteria. The medicine helps to block them, which contributes to recovery.

In addition to its main action, the drug is also actively used for the prevention of pneumocystis.

Attention! Bactrim is not used to treat viral diseases.

Indications of Bactrim Generic

Like any antibiotic, Bactrim has some side effects. When prescribing the drug, the doctor must decide if the benefits of the drug exceed the possible risks. It is impossible to make a decision on your own about the start of taking the drug. Only a doctor can solve to do this by studying the symptoms and medical history.

Bactrim from fights and reduces the growth of bacteria that cause infections. The medicine is prescribed only when there is evidence that the infection is caused by bacteria. If there is no such information, it is better to postpone taking the drug and accurately study the medical condition.

The dosage does not depend on the specific disease but on the weight and condition of the patient. In any case, such a decision is made by a doctor.

Side effects

The drug Bactrim has passed safety checks and has a quality certificate. Despite its effective action, it can have some side effects:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Headaches;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Decreased appetite.

If you have an allergic reaction, you should consult a doctor. They will look at the symptoms and make a conclusion about the need to continue or stop the course of treatment. In addition, the drug can cause more serious side effects:

  • Severe abdominal pain;
  • Joint pain;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Convulsions.

If one or more serious symptoms appear, then you should urgently seek help from a doctor or call an ambulance for help. The doctor will help you change the course of treatment or prescribe another drug with a similar effect. If you have the first side effects, you cannot continue taking the medication.

Contraindications of Bactrim Generic

The drug is approved by government agencies and doctors. Many tests were carried out that showed the quality and safety of the drug. The tests were conducted in the best clinics and scientific laboratories in the USA and Canada. Despite the quality of the product, it has several contraindications to use:

  • Individual intolerance;
  • Anemia;
  • A small number of platelets in the blood;
  • Kidney or liver diseases.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take the medicine. Children under 2 months of age are not prescribed the drug because of possible side effects.

In addition, if you are already taking dofetilide, you should not add Bactrim because they do not interact well.

Before starting medication, you should inform your doctor about the medications you are already taking and about some of your conditions, including:

  • Malnutrition;
  • Alcoholism;
  • HIV;
  • Folic acid deficiency;
  • High levels of potassium in the blood;
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys, or thyroid gland.

Like any other antibiotic, Bactrim can cause diarrhea. But do not rush to take medications for diarrhea right away, it is better to consult a doctor first.

The course of treatment

The typical course of admission is no longer than 5 days. The doctor may decide to extend the course for more than 3 days until the symptoms are gone. You should never stop the course yourself. Antibiotics are taken as much as the doctor prescribed. If you stop taking it earlier, bacteria may develop immunity to this drug.

A correction of treatment may be necessary if, after a week of regular admission, the patient does not feel an improvement in their health.

Doses of Bactrim Generic

In the Bactrim package, there is a leaflet with information about the dosage of the drug. In addition, you can also find out how to take pills.

Attention! The exact dosage can only be determined by a doctor who has already read the medical history and symptoms. The standard dose for an adult is 1 or 2 tablets, depending on the condition. At least 12 hours should pass after taking the last dose of the drug.

Children under 2 months are not prescribed this medication. If the child is more than 2 months old, the dose depends on their weight.


The drug should be taken strictly according to the dosage indicated in the instructions. If in doubt about the dosage, then you should check the information with your doctor. Never change the dosage yourself, as overdose symptoms may occur. The main symptoms of overdose are:

  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Disorders of the nervous system;
  • Eye diseases.

In addition, if a person has received too large of a dose, they may experience symptoms of anuria and hematuria.

If a person regularly violates the dosage rules, then even more severe consequences may occur:

  • Suppression of hematopoiesis;
  • Changes in the state of the blood due to an insufficient amount of folic acid in the body.

Treatment for overdose depends on the person’s condition. If the first symptoms of an overdose appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Storage conditions

The instructions on the medicine indicate the expiration date, which is 5 years from the date it was produced. If the expiration date has passed, then you should immediately stop taking the drug and dispose of it.

You can store the medicine in a room where the temperature does not go above 30 degrees Celsius.

Keep the medicine away from children.