Shipping and Delivery Policy

Our delivery methods are time-proven, efficient, and easy to track for our customers. Once you ordered your medication through our catalog, you can relax and wait while the courier will bring the needful medicine right to the place where you live. We have established delivery support service, and if you want to make sure your medication is on its way, just give us a call or chat with us, and we will promptly verify the route and the remaining waiting time for you.

Shipping across the globe

We ship anywhere in the world. Please contact our Customer Service to make sure your country is included in the list of the regions we deliver to. You can also check the order form to find out existing delivery options for your country/state/ region.

Checking your delivery status

If you want to check your order/ delivery status, simply login into the member area, put in the Order ID and the e-mail address that you used when ordering. After that you will see your status, which is conveniently updated step-by-step as far as delivery goes.

Possible delivery issues

  • Damaged package

Please contact our support team and describe what happened. Make sure to take pictures and add the detailed description on what exactly was damaged or went missing. We will do our best to resend the package in a timely manner or process a refund. Our Delivery section provides more information on the matter. A customer is advised that in the case there are 100 or more pills included in your order, it will be distributed and sent in several packages.

  • Customs-related delays

If any delay at customs happens, you’ll be notified promptly. Usually, the recipient of a package is asked to come to the customs office and is guaranteed to have a permission to examine the package. If you have any complications with getting your order related to the customs service, please let our Customer Support know on the situation, and we will try to resolve the issue through our channels.

  • Tracking your order

If you ordered using the express delivery method, you will have a Delivery tracking code to check the delivery status. In case you chose a standard airmail delivery, be advised that it could take up to 30 days for your order to be delivered. If the package sent through this method does not arrive within 30 days, please contact your local postal service. If they confirm that the package has not been delivered, we guarantee reshipping the order free of charge. Please consider: if the initial order subsequently arrives before or after the reshipped order, we ask you to notify us on the matter in a timely manner.

If the order was not received during the delivery time or there are circumstances preventing you from receiving your order, we will reship the product free of charge or give your 100 percent money back, provided you supply the proofs on the situation.