Common Questions (FAQ)

Do you send medical products worldwide?

We do work worldwide. Our service is in the highest demand in the territories of Canada and the United States. Nevertheless, you’ll have to contact our management before you proceed with the over-the-board order. There are certain countries and regions we still have no possibility to cooperate with because of their governmental healthcare laws and regulations.

What helps you offer medical supplies so cheap?

We offer a wide range of generic medications. They are almost full copies of the brand pills that do not need advertising. That’s the reason why they are cheaper and more accessible. As soon as we’re not a habitual stationary drugstore, we have possibilities to cut on certain expenses. We don’t have to pay the rent and we’re not dependent on anyone and anything. We form an independent team of specialists working remotely.

Do you have professional physicians in your team?

Yes, we do. We have general healthcare pros, as well as specialists working in specific healthcare areas. They are retired doctors and medical practitioners willing to be helpful while doing a less tiring and stressful job.

What kinds of specialists do you have in your company?

As soon as we work remotely, we have to seek the assistance of a vast range of experts: nurses, technicians, pharmacists, IT specialists, logistics companies, and more. We also offer career opportunities for anyone who wants to participate in the development of our pharmaceutical service.

What sorts of treatments do you offer?

It’s impossible to enumerate the full list of medications right now, but you can always learn more about our products on our official online platforms. I can only say that we sell prescription and non-prescription meds for general healthcare conditions, for your external well-being, as well as very specific and rare medications.

Is a prescription obligatory?

Yes, it is. We insist that each of our regular and potential clients provides us with relevant prescription information. This promotes safety and security. We don’t want anyone to suffer from unwanted reactions caused by our products. That’s the reason why we thoroughly study the prescriptions before the order is accepted. We sometimes have to get in contact with your practitioner first. It happens when you’re planning to order a powerful treatment provoking dangerous side-effects.

Are generics effective?

Yes, of course. They do have the same basic formula and their active ingredients are as effective as the one found in brand meds. Don’t be led by misconceptions – generics have become a normal part of people’s everyday life. They have a difference in design, shape, dosage, and name. The point is that manufacturers of generics don’t have the right to copy the formula and patented design. Brands are officially protected by propriety laws.

Does your company have any major focus?

Of course. That’s the reason why the company was established. We deeply care for the delicate issues of our customers and we understand that complete privacy is one of the most desired things in the sphere of wellness. Here’s why we are mostly interested in the promotion of sexual health treatments for men and women.

What can you say about your personal approach?

We offer a ton of enjoyable services in addition to the high-end medications for sale. We provide our customers with consultations via the phone or email. You can always call us in case of emergency and we’ll help you find a way out. We work in cooperation with numerous hospitals and family practitioners – it means that we can always share a recommendation in case if you’re in search of a skilled medical professional.

What additional services do you offer?

We offer a system of regular notifications, which is very convenient for patients with chronic conditions. Our loyal customers receive seasonal price reductions. Besides, we always offer enjoyable discounts on bulk orders. We’ll notify you when you need a refill and we’ll send a note if we get a more effective or cheaper medication in line with your prescription recommendations.

How do you deal with the delivery?

We have two ways to deliver your pillboxes: fast courier delivery and airmail for international delivery. We have warehouses both in Canada and over the board. Our logistics services are impeccable. Nevertheless, it may happen that your parcel is delayed by the customs in holiday seasons. However, we do our best to control the delivery from the beginning to the end.

What about guarantees and reimbursements?

There’s always a possibility to get a refund if something goes wrong with your order through no fault of yours. You’ll get a full refund if you don’t get your parcel in about 30 days since the order is placed. You’ll also be refunded in case if some of the medications get smashed in the process of delivery because of our improper packaging. However, there are things you need to remember. We don’t refund in case if you don’t receive your parcel on time and leave it in your mailbox for too long thus letting the contents go bad because of inappropriate storage or temperature conditions.

What do you do to promote discreetness?

We understand that most of our clients need privacy. It’s especially important if we talk about sexual malfunctions. You definitely don’t want your family members to know too much about your worries. Each of the packs of pills we send has no specific signs on the exterior. No one will know what’s inside.

How do you manage security and safety?

First, we warn our clients about potential problems in case if they use our website on unfamiliar devices. Your internet connection should be protected not to let anyone intervene with your internet activity. In addition, our website is thoroughly protected with SSL protocols. Our IT specialists stand on guard of your personal information and stand up for the security of all financial operations. We bear full responsibility for the illegal use of your data.