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As communication technologies became so widespread they penetrate all spheres of life, no wonder that healthcare is changing rapidly. Online pharmacies were there for decades, but now they provide a growing number of services, such as remote medical consulting and issuing e-prescriptions. Canadian Pharmacy Drug is an online pharmacy. This means you can buy and receive the same drugs you would buy physically, but do it from the comfort of your home. You don’t even need to leave the house to get your medication. offers medicines from all major categories: antibiotics, antivirals, anesthetics, asthma drugs, men’s health, sleeping pills, and so on. Our catalog features only medicines from trusted suppliers, with every batch tested separately before entering the market. All drugs have the required certificates, and many of the products come directly from the manufacturer.

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What makes Canadian Pharmacies popular in other countries?

As is seen from above, Canadians pay considerably less for healthcare items. The system of government controls ensures that the price does not go up above a certain (rather low!) limit. The cost of medications does not include expensive markups sought-after by pharmaceutical giants, as it is the case in the U.S. and many other countries of the world.

At the same time, the quality controls are as rigid as in the States. It is commonly known that the quality of medicine services and products for health are one of the highest in Canada, with many patients traveling to the country for medicinal reasons.

This creates a perfect storm of consumer opportunities, and attracts shoppers from the neighboring U.S., as well as people from other countries. Ordering drugs in Canadian pharmacies is simple, effective and always safe – no other country can compete with Canada in terms of drug cost-effectiveness.

The pharmacy services here are so popular among outlander customers that the healthcare authorities are legitimately concerned for the depletion of resources in the country. It is said that local pharmacists fear that increasing popularity of local drugstores will leave a gap in the domestic demand-supply relations.

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General Health

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Doctors have long recognized that different types of drugs affect people differently. There are many categories of drugs that are aimed at treating many diseases and are intended for people of different sex and age. Medicines in the General Health category are suitable for most people and should be in every family's first aid kit. Medicines must be certified and undergo clinical trials.

Men`s Health

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As a rule, in men, the age of 40–50 years is called critical — the level of the hormone — testosterone begins to decrease. This process cannot be reversed, but it can be reinforced with a small number of hormonal preparations, the so-called synthetic analogs of testosterone. In connection with age-related changes, men are prescribed hormonal drugs. Their list includes tablets and capsules, ointments and creams, patches, implants under the skin, or injections.


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Antibiotics are medicines that kill bacteria (which cause infections). However, it is not always possible to stop bacteria from multiplying or killing them all. The strongest can survive and continue to spread. The person may get sick again. In this case, it becomes more difficult to kill the infectious agents. Antibiotics do not work on viruses. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily can backfire: they won't work when needed.


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These are substances of natural, semi-synthetic, or synthetic origin, which cause the death of bacteria or delay their growth. Bactericidal drugs destroy bacteria. Bacteriostatic drugs slow or stop the growth of bacteria in vitro. These definitions are not absolute; bacteriostatic drugs can kill some sensitive types of bacteria, and bactericidal drugs can only inhibit the growth of some susceptible types of bacteria.

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Every second person in the US took prescription drugs during the last month, polls show. Non-prescription medications, such as painkillers, indigestion pills, and cold remedies, are taken constantly so common illnesses won’t interfere with our daily responsibilities. But high drug prices have become a serious problem and the main reason why people stop taking even the necessary drugs, which allow them to maintain an adequate life style under severe conditions.

Canadianpharmacydrug offers drug discounts, cooperating directly with the manufacturers and putting efforts to discover the greatest deals on the market. The company has established partnerships with many companies to allow further price reduction. Our customers will find that Canadian online pharmacy prices are lower than traditional drugstores and competing online shops can offer.

The store has more than 1200 positions of popular drugs that are sold worldwide for the treatment of common diseases. These are time-tested medications, which were well rated for their effectiveness and mild side effects. By choosing Canadian drugstore as your regular medication supplier, drug costs can be cut by half and more.