The Value of Generic

We all strive to be unique, expressing our individuality wherever we can and carving out our place in the world. The last thing we want is for someone to call us “generic”.

But when you apply the same word to medication, generic is something you might want to seek out. Many people think that generic medication must be of a lower quality than brand name drugs, but that’s a myth that needs to be debunked.

Why are generic drugs cheaper than brand-name drugs?

Generic drugs are less expensive because they can only be produced after the patent on the original brand-name product has expired. That means several pharmaceutical companies will compete with each other to produce the same drug without having to develop a brand new formula.

Companies who produce generic drugs take advantage of this by selling their drugs at nearly half the cost of the brand names. Brand-names are also more expensive because of their extensive branding and marketing campaigns.

How do i know that i’m getting the same thing as the brand-name?

The difference in price has nothing to do with a difference in effectiveness, because there is no difference in effectiveness between brand-name and generic drugs. The FDA subjects all medications regardless of packaging to the same rigorous quality testing, meaning a factory that manufactures a generic drug has to pass the same safety and consistency tests that a brand-name factory does.

By law, all generic drugs are required to be “bioequivalent” to their brand-name counterparts, meaning they affect your body in identical ways when taken. And any microscopic difference in dosing between a generic batch and a brand-name batch is the same amount of difference that is acceptable between two batches of the same brand-name drug.

If you’ve been sticking with the familiar brand-name drugs, you might consider switching to a generic version instead. You’ll save an average of 50% on every purchase by making the switch without sacrificing safety or effectiveness. No matter your choice, you can find both kinds of medications at your Canadian pharmacy location.