ED Drug Prices in the USA, Canada and Europe

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Due to the high prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) throughout the world, which exceeds 50%, medications that help to deal with this health problem enjoy immense popularity among men, regardless of their place of residence, profession or social status. Experts forecast that the global ED drugs market will reach almost $ 3 billion by 2023. This segment of the pharma market has been developing sweepingly in recent years.

Today men can choose from an extensive range of ED medicines, which can help to normalize the sex life from the very first pill, and that is the good news. But there is the bad news as well: in many countries ED drugs are sold at unbearably high prices, hence most men cannot afford them and, consequently, cannot get satisfaction from sex.

Let us have a look at the prices of ED medicines in different regions and find out where they are the lowest. We will study the prices of 4 most popular ED drugs, which include Viagra (its active substance is Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil) and Stendra (Avanafil). We have converted all the prices into US dollars, so that it is more convenient for you to analyze them. Sure, the prices presented below may differ a bit, depending on a drugstore.

Prices in the USA

As you have probably heard, drug prices in the USA are the highest in the world. The reason is the absence of the governmental regulation. In this country manufacturers can sell medications at any prices, which they consider to be reasonable. Drug producers can increase their prices as high as patients can bear, and, naturally, they strive to take the most out of this opportunity.

As a result, in most cases in the USA customers have to significantly overpay, compared to patients in other countries. To be more precise, to buy brand Viagra 50 mg, one has to pay $84 per a pill. As for its generic version, it costs $30 per a pill. The second most widely-used ED medicine is Cialis. At a local US pharmacy, the brand-name version is sold at $80 for a 10mg pill, generic products ― $50. Speaking about Levitra, one can buy the brand tablets with the dosage strength of 10 mg for $60 per a pill, a generic version ― for $45. And, finally, the price of brand Stendra 100 mg is $80 per a tablet. Its generic version is unavailable in the US so far.

No doubt, when buying medications, Americans can use all sorts of coupons and discounts, which allows to significantly reduce a price. Sometimes, it can even be decreased by several times. Besides, the majority of US citizens is insured, which also helps to cut some of the drug expenses (although one should acknowledge that ED medications are rarely covered by American insurances). However, despite all the available discounts, many US patients still cannot afford to buy ED medicines prescribed.

ED Drug Prices in Canada

Canada is one of the closest neighbors of the USA, and both countries are characterized by similar economic and social conditions. However, in Canada drug prices are dramatically lower. In some cases the difference can reach 60%. That can be easily explained: unlike the situation in the American pharma market, in Canada manufacturers cannot set any prices they like, they have to agree them with the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board. The price will not be approved, if it is higher than those in other countries with similar economies, which are specified by the regulator. As a result, in Canada, patients can be absolutely sure that they pay reasonable prices for medicines.

So, brand-name Viagra 50mg costs $12 per a pill, its generics ― $6. The price of original Cialis 10mg is $5 per a tablet, its generic equivalents ― $3. Levitra 10mg is available for $18 per a pill, its generic variants ― $3. And Stendra 100mg is sold at the following prices: the original product ― $30 per a pill, generic ones ― $8.

Prices of ED Products in Europe

In general, in Europe, ED drug prices do not differ significantly from one country to another. Let us have a look at the situation in some of the local markets.

In the United Kingdom, drug manufacturers are to agree their prices with the government, which, no doubt, promotes the affordability of medicines. To be more exact, brand Viagra 50 mg is sold at $9 per a tablet, its generic alternatives ― at $3. Original Cialis 10mg costs $10 per a pill, its generics ― $3. The price of brand-name Levitra 10mg is $8 per a pill, its generic versions ― $6. As for Stendra (in the UK it is available under the brand name Spedra) 100mg, patients can buy it for $6 per a pill. The generic version of this medication has not been introduced in the UK yet.

In Germany, the price of Viagra 50mg is $12 per a brand pill and $2 per a generic tablet. Brand Cialis 10mg is available for $16 per a tablet, a generic equivalent ― for $8. Brand Levitra can be bought at the price of $17 per a pill, its generics ― $4. Similar to the UK, in Germany, Stendra is also offered under the brand name Spedra. Its price is $9 for a brand 100 mg pill. As of today, there is no generic equivalent of this medication in the country.

At local Polish pharmacies, Viagra 50 mg is offered at a price of $12 per a pill, its generic equivalents ― $1. Cialis 10 mg is available for $16 per a tablet, its generics ― for $2. Brand Levitra 10 mg costs $7 per a pill, its generic alternatives ― $2. The price of original Spedra 100 mg is $5 per a tablet, generic products are not available as of today.

As you can see, like the situation in Canada, at European pharmacies prices are much cheaper than at American facilities.

Certainly, you can use the information above to cut your drug expenses. For example, if you live in the USA, it will be much more profitable for you to buy medicines in Canada. Today, you will not even have to cross the border to do such shopping, in Canada, there are dozens of reliable and user-friendly online pharmacies that offer global shipping services. And the delivery of an order to the USA usually takes several days only.

Besides, as you can see from the figures above, you can reduce expenses by several times just by switching to generics, i.e. copies of brand-name medications that include identical active substances and provide identical health effects. There is no sense to pay more, when you have access to a cheaper alternative.

Keep in mind that, if you suffer from ED, you are likely to use the corresponding medication on a regular basis ― each time you plan to have sex, which means regular expenses as well. So, take advantage of each and every chance to get the medicine needed at a lower price.