is one of the pioneers in implementing new technology service among online pharmacies. Since our inception, we have set the goal to supply quality and affordable generics, while investing in tools to optimize supply and delivery process.

About Us

We carefully choose the manufacturers we work with to ensure the medications coming to our shelves are:

  • Safe,
  • Affordable,
  • Efficient.

Using our technologies, we monitor the newly emerging generic treatments to make sure we are in line with the newest innovations on the pharmaceutical market. From the very inception, we expanded our delivery geography to include not only Canada, but any country accessible through our carefully chosen delivery partners.

What generics are good for?

Generic medications are replicas of branded medications. Generics have exactly the same dosage, usage, effects, pharmacological properties, and efficacy as the medications made by the brands. Generics are substantially lower in price because the manufacturers have not had the costs connected with research, developing and pushing a medication on a market.

Dedication to the optimal and efficient technologies in supplying generics is taking advantage of the proliferation of new technologies to meet the demands on quality medications on the pharmaceutical market.

  • We have created a reliable infrastructure to employ industry best practices.
  • We support multi-vendor environment and strong relationships with our suppliers.
  • We deliver globally and locally.

Global delivery capabilities offer many advantages, including:

  • Rapid implementation in new locations;
  • Ability to effectively manage online shopping in multiple countries;
  • Local-language support for branches or subsidiaries;
  • In-country location of resources and data to meet legal requirements. only supplies the medications from trustworthy manufacturers with a time-proven reputation. Each and every medicine coming to us is proven via the relevant tests and approved by’s professional medical team. Most manufacturers are originated in India, as in this country there is a booming pharmaceutical market, which is rapidly expanding domestic generic drug market. While India holds the fourth position in the list of the world’s largest pharmaceutical market, the lower manufacturing costs allow the Indian producers to deliver medication for much lower prices than that in the Western world. The popular medications we supply include those prescribed for cholesterol, erectile dysfunction, pain relief, anti-coagulants, respiratory disorders, liver conditions, anxiety disorders, as well as so-called lipid regulators, among others. These groups of generics are also the most demanded in the global market today.