About Us: The Long Way Ahead

Canadian pharmacy is one of the pioneers in implementing new technology service among online pharmacies. Since our inception, we have set the goal to supply quality and affordable generics, while investing in tools to optimize supply and delivery process.

Our Story

It’s a Family Business Everything started at the end of the 19th century when most brick-and-mortar pharmacies sold questionable overpriced meds. 1904 turned out to be hard for numerous family pharma businesses because of the NABP active measures. The founders of Canadian Pharmacy Drug were desperate.

Our founders managed to break through and withstand the hardships.

It’s a Powerful Marketplace Of course, it’s all about the money. We couldn’t lose the business founded by the eager predecessors. Besides, they managed to become one of the leading pharmacies in the market for less than a hundred years. In the 1990s, we decided that it was high time to go online. We were inspired by the success of Amazon and understood that the Internet had a lot more potential than regular sales.

In 1999, we became a one-click, one-stop pharma shopping hub ready to expand.

It’s an International Concern A growing digital pharma marketplace had to be advantageous in the competitive market. Most pharmacies sent their medications worldwide, which made us get to a new level of competitiveness. We boosted up our logistics opportunities and started sending our goods almost all over the world. We started with the USA, and now we cooperate with the postal services of all continents.

In 1999, the Americans became our most active clients. Luckily, we haven’t undermined our credibility!

It’s a Safe Innovation 2001 showed that our website was not as potent and protected as we expected. We had to rearrange the IT control over our brainchild. SSL protection, as well as a dozen new protection measures, helped us save our clients from identity theft, unwanted advertising, disturbing telephone calls, and stealth of financial data.
It’s Years of Reputation In 2004, we gained a reputation as a dependable online pharmacy thanks to on-time deliveries, top-quality products, and the best packaging. If our clients were dissatisfied with something, we solved the disputes immediately. We always solve all our conflicts in two following ways:

  • We return the money, or
  • We provide a discount and send another package to please our customers.

Our online consultants work 24/7 to help all clients enjoy the best service ever.

It’s a Legal Thing In 2008, Canadian Pharmacy Drug boomed as one of the most secure and reliable pharmaceutical suppliers on the international level.

Starting from 2012 and further, we managed to provide our clients with a wide range of cheap brand med replacements known as “generics.” We offer legal copies of the majority of meds existing nowadays. Now you don’t have to pay through the nose thanks to the legitimate replicas from all over the world. Viagra? Well, this magic “Vitamin V” will cost you several times cheaper if you buy it from another generic manufacturer.

It’s an Individual Approach for Everyone In 2015, Canadian customers regarded us as the best Canadian pharmacy that operated online and let disabled get their medicine to their doors. Shy men were lucky to treat erectile dysfunction without buying ED pills at brick-and-mortar pharmacies. So, that service helped customers receive the desired drugs, and the pharmacy managed to get hundreds of devoted customers.
It’s the #1 Choice on the Internet In 2018, other online drugstores emerged on the horizon, and our Canadian pharmacy got many rivals. Nevertheless, we did our best to surpass our competitors. So, we became choice #1 among online pharmacies. Our top benefits are:

  • round-the-clock availability
  • affordable prices
  • quick and anonymous delivery
  • variety of available drugs
  • individual approach to every order

To verify these words, one should just order the desired product and see how everything works.

It’s a Salvation for Isolated In 2021, Covid-19 ruined plans of billions. People had to stay home with their health problems, hoping to get permission to buy their medicine at drugstores. Unfortunately, men with sexual dysfunction couldn’t get a doctor’s prescription because it wasn’t an emergency case. So, we made in-bed pleasures possible and delivered the ordered Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil brands and generic alternatives. Due to that, men didn’t feel ashamed when buying blue pills. Moreover, we delivered other medicine as well, including anti-fever drugs and antibiotics. Consequently, people could treat all diseases without pandemic obstacles.
We Help When You Need Us Today, in 2022, we remain a reputable pharmacy for Canadian and overseas customers. We have delivered thousands of parcels quickly and anonymously in Canada and other countries. When American customers run out of medicines, we helped them with everything required in a blink of an eye. Our delivery partners do impossible to please clients with the lop-level service.