Cozaar Generic (Losartan) from Canada

Blood pressure is one of the basic indicators of health, reflecting the work of the cardiovascular system and the activity of the kidneys, endocrine organs, hematopoiesis, and nervous system. Therefore, hypertension is a very general concept that reflects an episodic or persistent increase in blood pressure.

Generic Cozaar (Losartan)
Cozaar is a medical drug that helps reduce high blood pressure. The drug is used not only to treat hypertension but also to reduce the risk of stroke in people with cardiovascular diseases.
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Manufacturer in Canada

“Organon” company, Canada.

General information

We used to think that hypertension is a problem of older people. However, this is not so: the disease is rapidly getting younger.

In men, arterial hypertension develops earlier than in women. The hereditary factor makes a great contribution to its development. The provoking factors for the development of hypertension in women are pregnancy and the period before the onset of menopause.

Few people understand how dangerous hypertension is. It affects the vessels of the heart, kidneys, and brain. If a person smokes, then their peripheral arteries will also suffer. Moreover, destructive processes might be developing for years, and a person may simply not know about them.

Mild arterial hypertension has an extremely negative effect on the vessels of the brain, heart, and, most importantly, kidneys. The work of brain cells is disrupted. If we are talking about the heart, then it should pump blood volume at a frequency of 60 beats per minute at rest. If the blood pressure is increased, it is more difficult for it to do the job.

The drug Cozaar helps to reduce blood pressure. The drug is prescribed in cases of acute hypertension or for prevention. In addition, Cozaar helps to reduce the risk of kidney damage in type 2 diabetes if high blood pressure is present.

Main effects:

  • Reduction of high blood pressure;
  • Dilation of narrow blood vessels;
  • Reduction of the load on the heart;
  • Normalization of the cardiovascular system.

The drug is in tablet form with different dosages. It is sold strictly by prescription and used when blood pressure increases due to concomitant pathologies (including heart failure and diabetes). It reduces the load on the myocardium and helps it to consume oxygen better.

It is forbidden to use it simultaneously with ACE inhibitors, especially with kidney problems, some hypoglycemic drugs, and with lactose intolerance.

Buy Cozaar Generic in Canada

The drug can be purchased in Canada. The price depends on the release form and the drug’s dose in the package. The price ranges from $92 to $200.

Indications for use

One of the properties of the drug is that it can be taken not only for hypertension to reduce high blood pressure. Doctors also advise taking the drug if:

  • The patient has chronic heart failure, and treatment with ACE inhibitors has shown ineffectiveness. In addition, if the patient is found to be intolerant to these drugs, it is also advised to switch to Cozaar.
  • A patient with type 2 diabetes wants to reduce the load on the kidneys and protect them.
  • The patient has other cardiovascular diseases.

Before taking it, it is always better to consult a doctor to prevent deterioration of the current state of health.

Contraindications of Cozaar Generic

In the course of clinical studies, the product was found to be safe to use. Contraindications and side effects are practically not found. The only contraindications are:

  • Individual intolerance to one or more components of the drug. Intolerance can manifest itself as an allergic reaction.
  • Interaction with aliskerin, which can be taken by people suffering from diabetes.
  • Lactose intolerance.
  • Hepatic insufficiency (if the patient has already taken a similar drug, the doctor may decide on the appointment of Cosaar).

The safety and effectiveness of the use of Cozaar in children have not been proven. Doctors do not recommend taking the medicine to people who are under 18 years old. No research has been conducted on this issue, so it is impossible to accurately talk about the reliability and safety of the product for children.

Cozaar should not be taken by pregnant women. If, while taking the drug, a woman found out about pregnancy, the reception should be stopped immediately. The drug has a direct effect on the renin-angiotensin system. Admission in the second or third trimesters of pregnancy can lead to illness and the death of the fetus. Research in this area has not been conducted on humans. But it was possible to record deaths in animals that participated in the tests.

It is unknown if losartan is excreted in human milk. A significant amount of drugs is excreted in milk, as well as the fact that Cozaar negatively affects newborns. A decision should be made either to stop breastfeeding or stop taking the drug, given the importance of taking it for the mother.

The incompatibility of taking medication and driving a vehicle has not been investigated. The side effects of the medication may interfere with driving the vehicle. Immediately after taking the medication, it is better to refrain from driving.


There is no complete picture to assess the symptoms of overdose. No research has been conducted in this area. The possible overdose symptoms are:

  • tachycardia;
  • bradycardia may occur as a result of parasympathetic (vagal) stimulation.

If an overdose of the drug has occurred, the patient should immediately consult a doctor. In this case, he will decide on the treatment depending on the symptoms.

The drug is not excreted from the blood during hemodialysis.

How to take Cozaar Generic

The drug should be used strictly according to the instructions. There is a leaflet in the package, where the dose and usage instructions are indicated. In addition, you should consult a doctor. In some cases, the doctor decides to change the dose.

Usage method:

  • You can take the medicine at any time of the day before or after a meal.
  • You should take the medicine with plenty of water.

Storage conditions

The medicine should be stored away from direct sunlight at room temperature.