Ampicillin (Penicillin Family Drug)

What do we know about bacterial infections? The name makes it clear what causes the disease and how. Naturally, it is possible to overcome the disease only by destroying the bacteria that cause infection. The best way to stop the growth and development of bacteria is with an antibiotic.

Generic Ampicillin (Acillin)
Ampicillin is a new-generation antibiotic. It has shown good results in the fight against bacteria. The medicine itself has been tested at the clinical level and approved for sale.
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General information

Ampicillin is an antibiotic that belongs to the penicillin family. The main function of the drug is to stop the growth and reproduction of bacteria, so it is often used to treat various bacterial infections.

Attention! Ampicillin is prescribed only for the treatment of infections caused by bacteria. The drug is ineffective in the treatment of viral diseases, such as colds and flu. In addition, in the future, it may not help to get rid of real diseases with uncontrolled intake. Do not self-medicate.

Where to Buy Ampicillin Generic Online?

Ampicillin can be bought in Canada. The drug is dispensed strictly by prescription. The medicine can be bought at a local pharmacy or ordered online. The drug is approved in Canada and has an appropriate quality certificate.

If you have side effects, it is better to contact your doctor for medical advice about the side effects. The Ministry of Health in Canada receives calls regarding side effects. You can contact a representative of the ministry by calling 1-866-234-2345.

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How to take Ampicillin

The drug and the dose are prescribed by the doctor. The standard dose should be taken four times a day. The approximate period between each reception is six hours. Effective treatment can only be achieved with regular intake with equal intervals between each intake. If you regularly take the drug at the same time, you will not forget about the next dose. You can change the regularity of admission only with a doctor’s decision.

The medicine should be taken an hour before meals or two hours after meals. Each tablet should be washed down with plenty of water. If the doctor makes such a decision, then the amount of water can be changed.

The dosage is calculated individually depending on the patient’s medical history and reaction to the medicine. The doctor should calculate the dose for each patient.

It is strongly inadvisable to interrupt the course of treatment, even if there are no symptoms. All symptoms and changes in the disease should be reported to the doctor. If you stop the course earlier, the bacteria will not be destroyed. They will grow and multiply. As a result, a relapse may occur.

Side effects of Ampicillin

Ampicillin is an antibiotic. The doctor decides on the prescription of medication if the benefits exceed the possible risks. As a rule, the medicine is well tolerated. No serious side effects were found in most patients.

Like any antibiotic, the medicine can have possible side effects:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Diarrhea.

All side effects should be reported to the doctor. If the condition worsens, you should stop taking the drug.

In addition, in very rare cases, serious side effects may occur:

  • Regular vomiting;
  • Sore throat or stomach;
  • Dark urine;
  • Yellow skin;
  • Bruises;
  • Bleeding.

In case of any serious symptoms, you should immediately stop the course of treatment and call a doctor or ambulance.

The medicine can cause diarrhea, just like any antibiotic. You should inform your doctor about your condition and not take any medications for diarrhea without consulting a doctor. If the diarrhea does not stop, then you should immediately consult a doctor. In addition, a doctor’s consultation is necessary if there is abdominal pain.

A long course of treatment can cause oral thrush or vaginal infections. If you have white spots in your mouth or atypical vaginal discharge, then you should inform your doctor about all the symptoms.

Ampicillin should be stopped immediately if an allergic reaction occurs. Allergy symptoms may include:

  • Dizziness;
  • Rash;
  • Edema;
  • Shortness of breath.

The list of side effects may be incomplete. If you have atypical side effects while taking the medicine, you should inform your doctor about them.


The medicine should be used after a doctor’s appointment. You should not make a decision yourself because the drug has contraindications, including:

  • Individual intolerance of components;
  • Kidney failure;
  • Heart diseases.

The drug can be prescribed to children if there is no alternative method of treatment.

Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended to take this medication.

Overdose of Ampicillin generic

Overdosing has dangerous consequences. Symptoms of overdose include:

  • Decrease or increase in urine;
  • Persistent diarrhea;
  • Severe vomiting;
  • Breathing problems;
  • Fainting;
  • Convulsions.

If you have the first symptoms of an overdose, you should urgently call an ambulance. Residents of Canada can call the provincial toxicology center.

The medicine should be taken strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. You can’t share pills with others, even if your symptoms match.

The medicine and its dose are prescribed taking into account the current condition. You should not take medicine for the treatment of other diseases without consulting a doctor.

A long course can lead to undesirable consequences, so you should take tests. Laboratory tests should be taken regularly. All results of the analysis should be reported to the doctor.

If you missed a dose, then you can’t take two doses at once. A missed dose is not as scary as an overdose.

Storage conditions

The storage temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight and moisture.

The medicine is dangerous for children and pets, so it should be kept out of reach.

After the end of the shelf life, the product should be disposed of. You can consult your local pharmacist about the disposal method.