Our Prices on Generic Blood Pressure Meds

Canadian Pharmacy Drug has thousands of discount comparable generic versions of brand medications for our customers to choose from if they wish to take advantage of the considerable cost savings. We always recommend that you talk to your doctor about the possibility of substituting a generic version if possible as a way to save money on your prescription drug costs.

MedicationBrand PriceGeneric PriceSavings
Buy Diovan 160mg (valsartan)$47.54 USD 28Tabs$34.21 USD 30Tabs32.84%
Buy Cozaar 100mg (losartan)$52.24 USD 28Tabs$32.54 USD 28Tabs37.71%
Buy Norvsac 10mg (amlodipine)$59.00 USD 30Tabs$27.44 USD 28Tabs50.17%
Buy Altace 10mg (ramipril)$34.62 USD 28Tabs$22.40 USD 28Tabs35.30%
Buy Avapro 300mg (irbesartan)$43.12 USD 28Tabs$31.20 USD 30Tabs32.47%

Prices as of November 04, 2022. Prices and availability subject to change at any time. Actual savings may vary.