Uprima and Topiglan: New ED Treatments

Uprima and Topiglan New ED Treatments

Impotency is the inability to achieve or maintain erection necessary for sexual intercourse. Sales of drugs for erectile dysfunction in Canada have increased by 60% for five years. The number of packages against impotence sold has grown 1,6 times. In tablets, the market has grown almost three times. Experts believe that the reason is reduced prices. The market for similar dietary supplements, on the contrary, is a bit low. The most popular drugs on the market are still the original Cialis from Eli Lilly and Viagra from Pfizer. Nevertheless, there are new strong players on the market:

What is Uprima?

The main active ingredient of tablets is apomorphine hydrochloride. Auxiliary components of the medicine are magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, citric acid, hypromellose, ascorbic acid, disodium edetate, silicon dioxide, red iron oxide (E172), potassium acesulfame, orange-mint flavor, mannitol. The main indications for the use of Uprima are increased activity of the dopaminergic neurotransmitter system of the brain with the aim of enhancing sexual interest and aggravating sensations during erectile dysfunction.

Mode of action

The pharmacological action of Uprima is directed to the nuclei of the hypothalamus. This area of ​​the brain is responsible for the production of dopamine, which belongs to a group of neurotransmitters and affects the ability to have fun. In turn, the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus is a zone where aspects of sexual arousal are concentrated. The pharmacodynamics of Uprima is due to the properties of apomorphine, which acts as the main initiator of an erection and sends pro-erectile stimuli. The restoration of erectile function becomes possible due to the normalization of the central nervous system, which affects the vascular reactions of the cavernous tissues of penis.

Posology and administration

The initial dosage of 2 mg is prescribed to all patients. The amount of tableted substance is adjusted to a value sufficient for sexual intercourse. The value is selected individually, and repeated reception is carried out with an 8-hour interval. Uprima should be taken according to the following rules:

  • immediately before drinking sublingual drink a little water, this will help the drug dissolve better;
  • approximately 20 minutes before intercourse, put the tablet under the tongue;
  • complete dissolution of the drug occurs, usually after 10 minutes. If after 20 minutes the tablet cannot be completely resorbed, its remains should be swallowed;
  • the effectiveness of the drug is enhanced by sexual stimulation;
  • intercourse should only begin with a feeling of readiness for it.

Contraindications to the use of Uprima

Contraindications apply to patients with severe angina pectoris, with a history of myocardial infarction, suffering from heart failure or hypotension, as well as for diseases that limit sexual activity. The presence of individual intolerability to one of the components of the drug will also be a ban on its use. For people with liver failure of varying degrees, a dosage of no more than 2 mg is recommended, subject to strict medical supervision. Particular care should be taken by persons with impaired renal function and anatomical changes in the penis (curvature, cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease, etc.).

Adverse effects

Medical observations of a group of 4000 patients of various ages with a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction of organic, psychogenic or mixed nature, who took from 2-3 ml of apomorphine, revealed the ability to develop a vegetative syndrome, manifested by a spontaneous and short-term drop in blood pressure, with subsequent loss of consciousness (subject to dosage, the number of cases does not exceed 0.2%); worsening of the general condition, characterized by pain syndrome of various localization or headaches; decreased body defenses and susceptibility to infections; vasodilation (blood flow in view of the relaxation of the musculature of the walls of the vessels and increase their clearance); bouts of nausea; drowsiness, loss of consciousness; a feeling of lack of air, aggravation of rhinitis / pharyngitis and increased coughing; excessive sweating; taste changes.

Uprima administration according to a scheme agreed with a specialist shows a good tolerability to the drug, and recorded cases of side-effects are short and weak.

What is Topiglan?

Since the thick and deep layer of the protein membrane of the corpus cavernosum prevents the rapid absorption of topical preparations, agents have been developed that are used in combination with vasoactive drugs to improve absorption. When using a combination of Topiglan – 1% Alprostadil gel and 5% Dimexidum gel, 38,8% of patients develop an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.


A medication in the form of a cream for application directly to penis. The composition includes prostaglandin, a substance known as Alprostadil, at a concentration of 1%. Absorption into the shell of the body occurs after 5-10 minutes, possibly faster, depending on the individual properties of skin.

Mode of action

The essence of the beneficial effect is approximately identical when comparing the name with PDE5 inhibitors. There is a sharp expansion of the lumen of blood vessels at the local level. Blood flow increases. Topiglan treatment of impotency is situational, the drug is not suitable for systematic use, because it does not give a lasting result. Duration of action is about several hours.

Side-effects and contraindications

Topiglan causes a minimum of side-effects, in addition to skin rash, itching, allergic reaction, other negative phenomena are not observed. However, care must be taken to practice unprotected intercourse. The components of the product, partially remaining on skin are absorbed through the mucous membranes of the sexual passages of the partner into organism. The development of neurological disorders is probable: headache, dizziness, a sharp drop in blood pressure. Topiglan is applied in isolation or together with faster absorption preparations.