Protect Your Access to Affordable Medications

Protect Your Access to Affordable Medications

Canadian Pharmacy Drug and other partner pharmacies are encouraging our customers to become aware of some of the recent political moves happening in Washington that concern ordering prescription medication online, and become involved with RxRights.

With millions of Americans lacking proper health insurance, or experiencing inflating premiums and deductibles that make their existing insurance inadequate, and the rising out-of-pocket drug expenses putting a pinch on budgets, we think that the affordable alternative that international pharmacies like offers is an important service. Just last month the average cost of a representative sample of common medication rose by 6.7% in the United States. 2011 has seen some of the highest drug price increases since we started our business. We feel that our service and the access we provide to safe, convenient and affordable medication has never been more important.

However, misguided efforts are underway by both Congress and officials in the White House that could result in your freedom to choose affordable medication from companies like Canadian Pharmacy Drug being take away from you. As industry pioneers and industry leaders we have always stood for strict safety measures and applaud efforts to make ordering prescription medication online safer for American consumers. We are proud of our record of ethical business and pharmaceutical practices. But these recent efforts from Congress and the White House don’t target the unethical and dangerous pharmacies that take advantage of consumers. They paint a wide brushstroke that would make ordering from no longer an option for those that are struggling with high prescription drug costs.

We invite any of our concerned customers who want to continue to order from high quality and safe Canadian pharmacies like to visit RxRights. RxRights is a national coalition dedicated to raising awareness and spurring action around safe prescription drug importation. The coalition of groups that make up RxRights seek to inform and educate both the public and our elected officials on the complex issues surrounding prescription drug sales in the U.S.

Please take a moment to visit RxRights and use the form on their website to send an important letter to your senator and house representative. This letter will let them know that you are concerned about high prescription prices and want the opportunity to continue to use legitimate and safe pharmacies like Canadian Pharmacy Drug as a cheaper alternative to U.S prices. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but letting your representatives know that this issue is important to their constituencies will be an important factor as they go forward on changes to health care in the United States.